Industrial Safety Gates

Self-Closing Safety Gates

Industrial Self-Closing Gates

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UDG: Self-Closing Safety Gates

The Intrepid Universal Double Bar Gate (UDG) self-closing safety gates act as a barrier and prevents falls by protecting employees from vulnerable openings at the tops of vertical ladders and elevated platforms. These industrial self-closing safety gates are economical, reliable, and easy to install.

The UDG industrial gate meets and exceeds all passive fall protection standards, including the US OSHA 1910.29 (Walking Working Surfaces Standard), EN ISO 14122, and ABS Standard 201 Section 4.8.

The UDG industrial self-closing safety gate is manufactured using a UV-resistant polyurethane and is ATEX Rated and TÜV Certified. This self-closing gate is designed to withstand at least a 400lb impact and extreme (-51° F) temperatures.

The UDG industrial safety gate is offered in 4 different sizes:  22”, 27”, 32”, and 37”.

OSHA standards require that a safety gate:

  • Must be a self-closing gate.
  • Must either slide or swing away from the hole.
  • Must be equipped with top rails and mid-rails, or equivalent intermediate members, that meet the requirements in final paragraph (b)(13)(i).
  • Must have a top rail height of 42 inches, plus/minus 3 inches.
  • May not contain an opening greater than 19 inches in the least dimension.
  • Must be able to withstand a 200-pound load (top rail) and 150-pound load (mid-rail). 

To learn more about OSHA’s Safety Gate standards click here.