Welcome To Intrepid Industries Inc.

Intrepid Industries Inc. has been providing quality products since 1978! Proudly manufacturing the following great products:

  • Universal Gravity-Closing Industrial Safety Gates (UDG)
  • Pedestrian Safety Gates (PG)
  • Toeboard Links (T5)
  • Grating Collars (GPC)
  • Insulators
  • Custom products

Intrepid also distributes High 5™, Glove Guard, and CableSafe® products.

Featured Products

The Universal Gravity-Closing Safety Gate (UDG)

The Universal Gravity-Closing Industrial Safety Gate is a double bar safety gate made of polyurethane. The self-closing swing gate meets and exceeds all fall protection standards, including US OSHA 1910.29 (Walking-Working Surfaces Standard), EN ISO 14122, and ABS Standard 201 Section 4.8.

  • Exceeds OSHA and other worldwide standards
  • Gravity closing for handsfree operations
  • Available in 4 sizes: 22", 27", 32" and 37"
  • Universal safety gate hinge design
  • TÜV Certified
  • Made of UV resistant polyurethane
  • Withstands 400lb impact
  • Yellow gate color for optimal safety
  • Swing gate kits available for mounting on pipe and square tube
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    Pedestrian Safety Gate (PG)

    The Pedestrian Safety Gate, also known as the barrier safety gate, forklift safety gate or warehouse safety gate, is a polyurethane, self-closing swing gate used for ground applications in areas where people are to safely be separated from workplace equipment and/or machinery.

  • Gravity closing for handsfree operations
  • Universal hinge design
  • Adjust from 30" - 50"
  • Molded of UV resistant polyurethane and PVC
  • Yellow gate color for optimal safety
  • Swing gate kits available for easy installation on all surfaces
  • Visual warning kits available to notify forklift operators of pedestrians
  • Available in 2 options: single & double
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    CableSafe Hooks (CS)

    Safety Hooks (CS) help with cable management and housekeeping. They are an easy and effective way to keep cords, cables, wiring and hoses off the ground to prevent tripping hazards in the workplace. Safety Hooks are applied in industrial settings and work as a safety product to suspend hoses, cables and equipment, eliminating trips or other hazards caused from unsafe objects on the floor.

  • Workplace cable management
  • One-hand operation
  • Available in 4 sizes: 6", 9", 12" and 15"
  • Load capacity of 55 - 340 lbs.
  • Withstand temperatures from -4 F to 392 F
  • Will not fray, cut or puncture cables
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    Toeboard Links (T5)

    Toeboard Links (T5) are designed to easily enclose unwanted openings, gaps, and penetrations found in walking surfaces. Intrepid Toeboard Links are designed to encircle piping of all sizes found in and around grating and deck plate. The Intrepid Toeboard Links are manufactured from our rigid, noncorrosive polyurethane, making the T5 resistant to outdoor exposure and harsh environments.

  • Enclose field cut penetrations and unsafe openings
  • Made of UV-resistant polyurethane
  • Colored throughout with safety yellow
  • 4” height protection ensuring optimal safety
  • Non-corrosive
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    Intrepid specializes in making a strong polyurethane called Instant Set Polymer (ISP).