Intrepid Industries - About Us

Founded in 1978, Intrepid Industries Inc. is a plastics manufacturing company that specializes in making a strong polyurethane called Instant Set Polymer (ISP).  The process used to make this plastic is called Reaction Injection Molding (RIM).  This polyurethane is a great substitute for metal, wood, and ceramic!

Intrepid Industries was founded by Erich Bredl in 1978. Although now located in La Porte, Texas, the first location was in Freeport, Texas, USA.

Intrepid is a private, employee-owned plastics manufacturing company, providing molded industrial parts for use in refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, automotive, offshore, and marine environments.

Contact Information

Below is a brief timeline of company moments:

1978 – Intrepid Industries Inc. Founded
1979 – Insulators Introduced
1980 – Single Bar Gate (SG) Introduced
1984 – Moved to Pasadena, Texas, USA
1995 – Double Bar Gate (DG) Introduced
1995 – Grating Penetration Collar (GPC) Introduced
1996 – Moved to La Porte, Texas, USA
2000 – Introduction to Automation 
2003 – Re-engineered gate with addition of PTFE parts
2003 – Aerial Markers Introduced
2006 – Started selling CableSafe® Safety Hooks
2012 – Started selling GloveGuard products
2013 – Discontinued the SG and DG Model Gates
2013 – Universal Double Bar Gate (UDG) Introduced
2014 – Toeboard Links (T5) Introduced
2014 – Discontinued Grating Penetration Collars (GPC)
2015 – Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Established
2016 – Pedestrian Barrier Gates (PG) Introduced
2018 – Began Providing Automation Services
2021 – Reintroduced Grating Penetration Collars (GPC)
2022 – Started selling High 5™ Hooks

Our Friendly Team

While our company is small we have a combined total of over 150 years of experience working at Intrepid Industries!


Production Specialist
Employed since 1984


Accounting Manager
Employed since 1986


Production Specialist
Employed since 1991


Customer Service Specialist
Employed since 1996


Employed since 2000


Parts & Packaging Specialist
Employed since 2008


Customer Service Specialist
Employed since 2009

Paxton Intrepid Industries


Vice President
Employed since 2012


Parts & Packaging Specialist
Employed since 2015