Industrial Safety Gate Installation


For industrial safety gate installation, mount the hinge as close as possible to the top of guardrail. Ideally, the top bolt hole should be located 1” down from the top rail, but this may need to be adjusted depending upon the guardrail members. Typical measurements are shown in drawing below.

Position two 9/16” holes on 6 1/4” centers for two 1/2” carriage bolts (4” top and 5” bottom).  Holes should be positioned to allow clearance for tightening 1/2″ nuts.


Mount the block so that it is positioned at least 1” BELOW the closed bar. Allow clearance for tightening the 1/2” nut.

Position one 9/16” hole for mounting the block with the 1/2” x 4” carriage bolt.

Block should not interfere with the opening or closing of the industrial swing gate. It is intended to provide vertical support in an emergency. The block should be located at least 5″ below where the top of the hinge is positioned.


  • For adequate safety, ensure that the safety gate is no more than 42” above the platform surface to avoid too large of an opening below the swing gate
  • The double bar safety gate is long enough to contact, and extend past, opposite side guardrail posts by 1” or more
  • The block is provided to resist vertical deflection. The block should not make contact with the safety gate or interfere with it swinging closed

Download our safety gate installation checklist here: